Thursday, March 24, 2011

Radiation babies and bottled water kicked in Tokyo

There is no more bottled water for sale in Tokyo and the tap water has been contaminated by the earthnami triggered nuclearxtravaganza according to Reuters . The keg is kicked Japanese party people but don't worry, only babies are going to suffer from drinking irradiated tap water.

Is everything going to be OK? No. Is the radiation going to stay in Japan? No. Do any of the knuckle dragging, self gratifying zombified Fox news watching American Husks know enough to be concerned? Nahhh.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A fools guide to bankers lies and terminology

Interpreting financial lingo typically produces a kind of gorilla like head scratching while I stare blankly at the screen tying not to show any weakness in the face of such puzzling terminology. Sometimes I get lucky.

Toxic Assets.....wheee, and easy one! Toxic=bad, and assets are some kind of resource. It means bad resources, or negative resources.

Leverage.... errrr, head scratch, blank stare.

Thankfully, David Malone, author of Debt Generation, in his blog Golem XIV has offered a road map to much of this financial jargon. A blog of particular use was Liars Lexicon in which David explains many of these terms in a very understandable way. He also comments on banking and government policy.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Hacktivists Strike Back

Ok, this story is a bit dated but still certainly bears telling.

Earlier this month US security firm HB Gary released the names of top ranking members of the cyber activist group Anonymous, which if you remember went to the aid of whistle blower Wikileaks when online corporations like Amazon and Paypal were threatening to drop their service and thus disrupt Wiki's flow of cash donations and shutting the whole thing down. Anonymous then launched a cyber attack and froze both big corporations until they conceded and the Wikileaks we know and love is still around today.

So, HB Gary releases some names, some possibly false, and allegedly some members of Anonymous are arrested. Here is where things get fun. Anonymous launches a counter attack and hacks the entirety of HB Gary, discovering, and subsequently releasing incriminating inter-company e-mails about HB Gary, AND some snarky tactics the Bank of America had cooked up for discrediting Wikileaks.

Why is there a Bank of America think tank devoted to pulling down Wiki? Not a hard one. To protect its profits from any damaging truths that might find its way out into the cyber universe. Why then is the FBI involved as well, proclaiming jail sentences for offending members of Anonymous?

More in depth at Dagblog, and naked security

Anonymous warns HB Gary on youtube.

Monday, February 21, 2011

60 students per class? Rural Thailand or Detroit?

After teaching a class of 55 grade six students in a Thai "normal program," class, I decided that I never wanted to have one of my own children enrolled in a Thai school. A class that large becomes difficult to manage.

I could have spent time disciplining all the errant students that were not interested, but I would then of had little time to teach, and would have become very unpopular to boot. Ultimately I taught only to those members of the class that were interested in learning English. The others sat, for the most part quietly, and turned off.

It was one of the reasons I left Thailand, or rather, one of the reasons I returned to the west. Adequate education, smallish class sizes, ect. And here we have the same conditions back home in the States. Nice one, Detroit.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Forward Thinking Local Government Initiates New Policy

I am pleased to announce that today I was a member of a crack team involved in translating innovative local government policy:

Public policy from Muang district group

The creative policy is:

1. Do not drink soft drinks, including Pepsi and Coca Cola.
2. Do not add extra sugar to food.
3. Do not eat junk food.
4. The Health Ministry advises children to eat fruit every day.
5. Exercise for good health.

The Health and Education Ministries needs help from all Thai people for healthy children.

Children should not eat junk food. Not quite the caliber I was expecting from a lofty title like creative policy.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Dog of High Intelligence, a Dog With Eyebrows

The Buddha is a big softy, and because he frowns upon killing them, stray dogs are a nuisance in Thailand. They hang around every Soi, or street, cheerfully knocking over rubbish bins, fornicating, chasing motorcyclist, and occasionally catching them.

If that’s not enough reason to buy a pistol, street dogs are not much to look at either. Nothing like going out for a game of tennis and spying an emaciated, mange ridden street dog that has a tail that looks like an old wrinkly sausage and a single tuft of filthy hair limping about a sand pile littered with feces.

The learning curve to life as a street dog is fairly simple. If you’re a dumb street dog, you’ve already been hit by a car and are stone dead. If you are a street dog of average intelligence, you have already been hit by a car, but perhaps you’ve survived to enjoy a life of limping around feebly on the brink of starvation. If you are a street dog of high intelligence you may look like this.

Fat and happy, sleeping outside of a 7/11, you have even convinced someone to put your make up on for you…

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

To P.E. or Not to Be

I co-teach physical education to grade 1 and 2. When I started two years ago we had two footballs and three basketballs. Back then, we were not allowed to use the big open field in front of school. The director had just spent a large sum of money having new grass planted, and he wasn’t about to have it used by the students.

We were fairly creative in those days so we found other places to conduct our activities. Places like the school auditorium or the outdoor basketball court which had no hoops and had been converted into a storage area for old tables and chairs. In times of desperation we used the access roads for relays, stopping the race for the occasional truck or car.

Two years later and we are down to one football, and as of today it’s missing. The field in front of school is barren of grass along the edges and the last bastion of yellowish grass is making a heroic stand against a merciless sun. Only Ajarn Franco is creative with his activities, and even he can’t be asked most of the time, and as for Ajarn Carlsberg and me, well, we’ve played football for the entire year.